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March 06, 2004



Got your link from It's going on my list of favs! Glad you appreciate our tax dollars. Stay safe. God Bless.

UN Guy

Dear "Major Pain"

I looked back at your entry for August 23 when you ranted on about the UN, and how glad you were to get rid of them from CSH 21 (amongst other derogatory statements against the UNITED Nations). Perhaps, instead of having such blind faith in your country (unwise to say the least), you should look at how they behave WITHIN the UN. Perhaps you forget that the US IS THE UN, just like nearly 200 other countries. The US (or the coalition if you can define it as such) had the DUTY under Security Council resolution 1483 (2003) that the US voted IN FAVOUR of, to protect the United Nations premises and personnel. Seeing that the US did NOT succeed in protecting us, taking care of us in CSH 21 was the BARE MINIMUM you should have done.

In many OTHER instances the US (and citizens of the US and the UN such as your humble self) should realise that you will win some and you will lose some, but that at the end of the day, the UN will 90% of the time follow the will of the majority of the nations. Unfortunately the remaining 9% seems to be a result of US arm-twisting of other countries, and 1% seems to be the US getting a raw deal.

As a person who was in the UN in Baghdad myself, when the bomb exploded, and also as a person who stayed at CSH 21 for two days, I was extremely happy with the treatment I received there. I was surprised to hear your opinions on the matter - while at the same time glad that I did not meet you while I was there. You obviously have some colleagues that are more sensible and compassionate to other humans (who happen not to be American) than you are yourself.

While I do not expect to receive an apology from you, I do hope that you, as a literate and well-read person, broaden your horizon and see that the US cannot be the ultimate judge and jury of the world. That's why the UN was created, and that's where the US (and its citizens) should keep their faith.

Yours sincerely,

UN guy


You seem to have overlooked the fact that Coalition forces DID offer to protect and guard the UN Facility. The UN refused the offer.

And as for "judge and jury"...well, I prefer to be judged by my fellow Americans with whom I share a resposibility. And not by some group who thinks THEY were set up to be the World's Judge and Jury, when in fact, they were not.

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