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March 26, 2004



I agree. Why do journalists consistently fail to give the readers the information they need to put statistical information in perspective? Instead they seem to go out of their way to obfuscate. Thanks for the info. Lucky we have blogs to fact check the idiots who get paid to hoodwink us.


Guys – in any large company or organization you are going to have the marginal personalities that will try to commit suicide - in the army, there happens to be a lot of accessible weapons to accomplish the goal. BUT What other company or organization in the US actively identifies stressors, and has in place multiple effective programs to try to prevent such tragedies? From mandatory counseling, decompression sessions, assessments, Combat Stress Teams, to having a boss who not only is personally concerned about his immediate subordinates, is REQUIRED to be aware of the psychological issues of his troops? Too bad the Chicago Tribune didn’t slant the headline the other way – despite the stress of being in Iraq, Army suicide rate is less than the national ave.! Oh, well – the Chicago Tribune is well know for it’s slanted headlines…

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