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February 24, 2004



Thanks for a job well done. Hope the beer is cold and the men are Win


Welcome Home Major! I've been following your letters for awhile now. I truly appreciate all that you've shared with us. My fiance` is heading to Iraq in 2 weeks (1st CAV), and I'm glad I've had the fortune to read your updates here. It has definitely given me a much more clear picture of what he'll be getting into than anything else. Thank You much Major Pain, again Welcome home!


Glad to have you home safe and sound Major! I have really enjoyed your posts and descriptions of life at CSH. I think after reading all the blogs of in-theater troops, I was able to send my guy off better prepared. Probably not - but it makes me feel better "thinking" I did my research for him and will understand what he's going through.

Ironically, he arrived the day you left and I will never get the details from him that I've received off the blogs! Something about protecting me from reality so I won't worry - go figure.

Anyway, have another beer for him and another long soak - yikes he said it was a week before they got a real shower and then the water was ice cold. Can't imagine why so many are sick - huh?

Can't wait to hear about the infamous equipment return process.

Take care and enjoy being home!


Here is an example of how Europeans think Americans are unsophisticated:

It is about Janets breast, which to us Europeans is a non-issue - who cares if a part of a woman is shown on TV, while at the same time cold-blooded murders, and all kinds of violence is shown all the time.

Not to be arrogant - but it IS kinda unsophisticated, the way Janet J. was stigmatized for this little PR stunt. Where is all the splendid talk of freedom of expression?

That said, I am a staunch supporter of US in Iraq, and I dont support the Euro-whining about Bush and Iraq at all. Remember 40% of us Europeans support the Iraq action, and we have sent thousands of soldiers there.


An interim constitution in Iraq, the result of compromise, per the leftist rag the New York Times: "The most progressive document in the Arab world." GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The world is changed and you will never get the thanks you deserve but I'll Try. thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx (not good enough but really THANKS).

SPC Burt

Welcome home ma'am!
I'm really glad to see that you made it back. I was in Iraq too and your posts give me a good giggle as I 'relive' the lovely moments we all had there.
I work as a journalist in Public Affairs and I really wanted to say too that you should really look into getting yourself a book deal. Your writing is wonderfully entertaining! I write for a living and I can tell what good is ; ) Your stuff is like a modern "M.A.S.H."
Thanks for sharing - it's appreciated by everyone out there who doesn't have the ability to put it into words (or comedy) the way you can.

SPC Rebecca Burt
V Corps PAO

Kathryn Simpson

Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for serving our country. We are proud of you and grateful for your sacrifice.
-The Simpson Family

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