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February 03, 2004



Actually, AFAIK he was sponsored by a UK gambling company!! He had a 1-800 number written on his chest apparently. Still didn't make it on TV here, although I heard that they showed a clip of it on the Tonight Show.


being an ex-army wife n waiting at home day after day during the vietnam, waiting for any kind of news that my husband would be next. i was young 17 with a child n very much in love. i wrote letters daily. at that time airmail stamps were 10cents ea. @ times i would send a care package. i just want to make a few comments to all military wives especialy newly weds no matter what branch of the service your husbands in keep him lifed up in prayer daily. send him mail a note, letter, or something because they get frightened lonely n homesick. they need to hear from loved ones. they need to know that u support them in all they do. because they r not only doning it for me but u also. there may also be men n women in uniform with no family or friends back home. those of us who have nobody in the service, find out thru internet or some other program or your church if there is someone u could kinda adopt n help them know that they aren't alone but that someone cares n share your wealth with them with mail n card pakages. because when everyone else is getting mail n packages n they recieve nothing know that their heart may be breaking inside. put yourself in their place their fighting for u n always keep them in your prayers for their safe return n thank God that u have them there to fight for our way of life FREEDOM! may democracy live on. God bless diane

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