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December 21, 2003



Major Pain, I post your letters in a senior news group where we discuss senior living and current news.

Needless to say, Iraq and our troops are discussed daily.

We read your letters with much interest and support.

Glad you saved Santa.LOL!

As you work towards healing both troops and civilians, realize you give the Christmas spirit everyday you are there.

God Bless you and yours, Winnie

Mike in New York

Fwiw, World Magazine is an evangelical Christian magazine that is very conservative, pro-military, pro-US, and pro-Bush. It is the exact opposite of the BBC/CNN/etc.

janet in venice beach

major, I've said it before, but i gotta say it again--all those years I sat up late at night watching MASH, I thought they had exaggerated for the sake of TV. Now following your life at the CSH, i'm find out that, nope, no exaggeration: it's all true. it really is that nuts. that's real life!!

janet in venice beach

hey major! i just finished reading this aloud to my son and the funniest thing hit me--that 8 ft tall santa is a perfect symbol for us, what the US is coming to Iraq to do! Maybe seeing Santa all over the place, and having him explained to the iraqis, will finally begin to make the diehards 'get it' what we're all about!
"he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake"? 'He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness' sake'?
what better one-man lesson for the holdouts to see, than a bigger than life jolly white guy with a bag of gifts on his back, who comes outta the sky with a list of who's been bad or good in the last year, and who hands out his gifts to those who've been good, and leaves a lump of coal to those who've been bad?!?!?!?!?
if that isn't America, i don't know what is.
maybe watching us go thru our peculiar rituals around christmas, they'll begin to understand what makes us, us. the generosity, the lighting up and prettying up of the ugliest, darkest, most miserable, cold season of the year, the giiving of gifts to the good, and even the bad get a lump of coal--whech, if ya think about it, may be black and seem cruel, but in the cold of the year, shows that the bad aren't totally shut out. it shows thoughtfulness for them, in that they still can light that lump and burn it, to keep warm, and if they repent of their bad and show some initiative and willingness to work for their own situation, can find more fuel to add to the little blaze and make it grow, and share it with others, and if they work at rehabbing their attitude, can change and rejoin the great human family of love and giving, and getting more than just their barest necessity.
Tell em, if they want to understand America, they should understand Santa Claus.


Nice blog, I've enjoyed reading it and seeing the "other side" since I'm here in the states. I'm one of the guys who load/unload the cargo planes. the c5 is a large aircraft and an incredible machine but the c17 is newer and has some things about it that make it much better to work with. the c17 also makes a great med-evac plane and even has kinda/sorta airline seats for passengers not needing the med-evac stuff.

sorry, i'm kind of rambling here but basically, it's just something to "share" back with you. I do hope you all continue to be safe and know that some air force guy is rooting for you all.

thanks for the blog,



Please have a Merry Christmas, stay safe, and enjoy the bit of Florida sun imputed through this comment :).



I hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Be safe. :)

Debra Bates

Merry Christmas and a Happy, SAFE New Year. Thanks for all you do.



THanks for sharing your life with us. Thanks for tending the troops for us. We will remember. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you, and all at CSH!!

John Anderson

Your mention of "the little stunt car" reminded of something. During WWII, the family sent "stocking stuffers" to my uncle, aboard ship in the Pacific. Among them were several little plastic cars with balloons for power(rocket!).

Sailors being as they are, I doubt it took more than thirty seconds for the start of races and the exchange of money! Uncle Bob says it was the best thing to happen to him during the war!

Terrence Burak

My name is Terrence Burak,

I am a general contractor and Jopurnyman carpenter. I am very interested in applying to contrqactors to help rebuild Bagdadi. I am having a hard time locating these companys. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



England (pronounced ing-ger-lund) is widely regarded by people with a lesser intelligence as The United States’s little bitch puppet. It is the largest exporter of haters of Scotland and pakistan (due to brown friday). After brown friday when pakies raided airbases, stole choppers, and airlifted all of Englands call centers off to India, and as of 2006 the british public have had to learn pakistani if they want tech support with there internets, it didnt take long for the banks to follow suit and now Pakistani is Englands second language with gook following a close third and polish creeping in at fourth. british telecom thought it would be a wise idea to change there name to Bombay telecom. England was created in 1066 by the Satan himself, just after creating Marmite. England is (without question) the greatest country on earth as long as you aren’t fleeing opression or ethnic cleansing in your homeland or happen to be french, some would say its best to have no sense of smell as most corner shops are run by pakies that dont seem to be familiar with normal household products such as Cillit Bang!Motorbike games ¦
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The greatest practical joke ever played on the French by the British occurred in 1940. The French fleet was laying at anchor in Mers-el-Kebir, French North Africa (now Algeria) when elements of the Royal Navy Mediterranian Fleet blasted the crap out of them. Oh how DeGaulle and Churchill laughed about that in later years. Motorbike games ¦
The Roman Empire did not fall in a battle of war. There was no single big clash of arms that drove it to its knees. It was corroded from the inside. At one stage, the wealthy held so much gold coins that there was not enough currency to keep services to the public going. By keeping the money to themselves the wealthy had simply run the nation into the ground.
History is strewn with such examples. Has this now happened to the United States? Or is the US too big to fail?Motorbike games ¦
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Calculating the odds
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Good! May I play?
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Some people profiteered from the spill by charging BP outrageous rates for cleanup. Others profited from BP claims money, handed out in arbitrary ways. So many people cashed in that they earned nicknames — “spillionaires” or “BP rich.” Meanwhile, others hurt by the spill ended up getting comparatively little.Motorbike games ¦
In the end, BP’s attempt to make things right — spending more than $16 billion so far, mostly on claims of damage and cleanup — created new divisions and even new wrongs. Because the federal government ceded control over spill cleanup spending to BP, it’s impossible to know for certain what that money accomplished, or what exactly was done.Motorbike games ¦
Some inequities arose from the chaos that followed the April 20 spill. But in at least one corner of Louisiana, the dramatic differences can be traced in part to local powerbrokers. To show how the money flowed, ProPublica interviewed people who worked on the spill and examined records, including some reported earlier by the New Orleans Times-Picayune, for St. Bernard Parish, a coastal community about five miles southeast of downtown New Orleans.Motorbike games ¦
Documents show that local companies with ties to insiders garnered lucrative cleanup contracts and then charged BP for every imaginable expense. The prime cleanup company, which had a history of bad debts and no oil-spill experience, submitted bills with little documentation or none at all. A subcontractor charged BP $15,400 per month to rent a generator that usually cost $1,500 a month. A company owned in part by the St. Bernard Parish sheriff charged more than $1 million a month for land it had been renting for less than $1,700 a month.Motorbike games ¦
Assignments for individual fishermen followed the same pattern, with insiders and supporters earning big checks.
“This parish raped BP,” said Wayne Landry, the chairman of the St. Bernard Parish Council, referring to the conduct of its political leadership. “At the end of the day, it really just frustrates me. I’m an elected official. I have guilt by association.”Motorbike games ¦
The economic benefits that rippled through St. Bernard Parish were seen in varying degrees throughout the Gulf. In the six months after the spill, sales tax receipts, a key measure of economic activity, rose significantly in eight of the 24 most affected communities from Louisiana to Florida, despite the national recession. Only one community, in Mississippi, saw its receipts dip significantly. Local governments also profited. A recent story by the Associated Press found that governments along the coast used BP money to buy SUVs, Tasers and other equipment not necessary to clean up oil.Motorbike games ¦
According to sales tax collections, Louisiana made out better than anywhere. Sales tax collections from Plaquemines Parish rose more than 71 percent, while St. Bernard saw the biggest jump of all. The parish collected almost $26.8 million in sales and lodging tax receipts in the six months after the spill, almost twice as much as over the same period in 2009. Flush with cash from cleanup and claims, many fishermen bought new toys, boats and trucks. Sales at the nearest Chevrolet dealer rose 41 percent. Motorbike games ¦
Some of the influx of money can be traced to the efforts of St. Bernard’s parish president, Craig Taffaro Jr., a 45-year-old psychotherapist with a wrestler’s build, a cue-ball head and a trimmed goatee.Motorbike games ¦
Just days into the crisis, Taffaro did what many parish presidents did: He invoked a Louisiana law that allowed him to declare a 30-day emergency and handle the crisis without most normal government checks and balances. But Taffaro used his powers more broadly than most, saying that he wanted to put money back into the community. Unlike the leaders of other Gulf communities, Taffaro — not BP — chose the prime contractor that supervised the cleanup. He and his allies also decided which fishermen would be hired to put out boom and search for oil. At one point, Taffaro hired his future son-in-law to work in the finance department and help on the spill. Motorbike games ¦
In some ways, parish residents seemed to view the disaster and BP’s culpability as a way to recover from earlier blows. More than other coastal communities, St. Bernard bore the brunt of Hurricane Katrina, which flooded almost every home in August 2005. The population dropped almost in half, from about 67,000 in 2000 to about 36,000 in 2010, largely because people didn’t come back after Katrina and the hurricanes that followed. Before the spill, the parish slashed its budget by 11 percent, cutting garbage collection, the fire department and mosquito control. There was just no money. Motorbike games ¦
The spill changed that. Fishermen were paid to lay out protective boom, the floating material used to corral the oil. Contractors were hired to manage the cleanup and provide security. Claims money began flowing to people who said their lives had been upended by the crisis. Motorbike games ¦
The parish government was among the first to benefit, snagging a $1 million check for oil-spill expenses. Parish employees went shopping for cameras, printers, a file cabinet, staplers, six pairs of children’s scissors and 712 shirts emblazoned with the parish name. Some of the money also went to overtime pay for more than 40 parish employees, including three who claimed overtime for picking up dog food for the animal shelter. St. Bernard’s homeland security director, David Dysart, a salaried employee and Taffaro’s good friend, was paid almost $23,000 for working 497 hours of overtime in less than seven weeks. That meant he was working an average of more than 16 hours a day, including weekends. Motorbike games ¦
As the money flowed, complaints spread. Some beneficiaries didn’t necessarily suffer from the spill but had social or political connections. Subcontractors said those at the top of the cleanup creamed off money for doing very little, while those at the bottom earned much less for doing the actual work. Motorbike games ¦
At first, everyone was angry with BP. But as the months wore on, some St. Bernard residents directed their frustration at Taffaro, blaming him for handing out jobs and money to a small group of insiders. Motorbike games ¦
Meanwhile, Taffaro was attacking BP and the federal government in the media, appearing on TV alongside Gov. Bobby Jindal and testifying in Congress. His outrage was palpable. There wasn’t enough boom, coordination or respect for the local government. BP wasn’t making good on its obligations.
The pressure paid off. Taffaro at one point boasted that St. Bernard had doled out more BP cleanup money to commercial fishermen than any other Louisiana parish. His claim is impossible to verify, because neither Taffaro nor anyone else would provide details about the spending numbers.
BP gave only limited information to ProPublica, and declined to comment on allegations it had been overcharged. The U.S. Coast Guard, the federal agency most involved with overseeing BP’s response, said the government and BP decided cleanup priorities together. Motorbike games ¦
Taffaro and other St. Bernard officials refused to respond to the public-records requests ProPublica began filing in November. When asked again last week why the parish hadn’t provided any records, Dysart said he would be happy to help but that filling the request would take time and cost a lot of money.
“I’m in the process of really, truly trying to assist you,” said Dysart, who is also the parish interim chief administrative officer.
In response to questions submitted by ProPublica last month, Taffaro said through his spokeswoman that he can approve overtime for salaried employees in extenuating circumstances and that Dysart eventually decided to stop taking overtime. Taffaro said there was no law against hiring his future son-in-law because he was not yet married, and that paying overtime for picking up dog food was necessary because the spill had caused fishermen to abandon their dogs.
Taffaro also said that the tax receipt bubble was “a false economy,” similar to what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Motorbike games ¦
NOSTRADAMUS, the French Christian Jew who lived in France in the 16th century, made many accurate forecasts, including the two World Wars. 18 of his 950 quatrains refer to a third world war. Some Nostradamus experts had given the date for the start of such a war as mid-1999, referring to the Balkan conflict surrounding Kosovo. They obviously misinterpreted the quatrains. Their attention then turned to the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Motorbike games ¦
Born Michel de Notredame on 14 December 1503 in St Remy, France, he was the oldest of five sons. His grandfather, Jean, taught him Latin, Greek, Hebrew, mathematics and astrology at an early age. Nostradamus received a medical degree in 1529 and became physician-in-ordinary to Charles IX during the bubonic plague. He is said to have had extraordinary healing abilities. Motorbike games ¦
Nostradamus was in his late 40s when, it is told, he frequently went into a meditative state and had visions of the future. He began to document the visions in a mixture of Lain, French, and Greek quatrains, publishing his famous “Centuries” in 1558. Motorbike games ¦
Nostradamus was married twice, losing his first wife and two children to the plague. He died on 2 July 1566. “Centuries” was translated into English in 1672. In 1781 it was banned by the Roman Catholic Church. Ironically, in 1553, when Nostradamus encountered a group of Franciscan monks he threw himself on his knees, clutching at the garment of one of the monks, Felice Peretti. When asked why he had done this he replied that he must yield “before his Holiness.” Nineteen years after the death of Nostradamus, Peretti became Pope Sixtus V. Motorbike games ¦
What the experts say Nostradamus predicted about the Balkan war
The war prophecy is reserved for someone whom Nostradamus refers to as “the tyrant.” He predicted that the Slavs will “change their prince” and “raise an army in the mountains,” suggesting a guerrilla war. He speaks of “when the north pole is united” (perhaps NATO?), and there are many geographical references to the Balkans, such as Greece,
Italy and the Mediterranean. Motorbike games ¦
The war is linked to when the “eagle” (United States) and the “cock” (France) stand together. There also is specific reference to the time when England, Poland and Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia) “form a new alliance.” The former Eastblock countries recently joined NATO.
He predicted that the Allies will win, that the war will be protracted, lasting seven months, and that it may go beyond the Balkans, toward the north, but that after the war there will be “peace on earth for a long time.” Motorbike games ¦
The forecasts by Nostradamus seemed to be confirmed by other seers, including Nicolaas van Rensburg, the famous South African seer who lived 1862 to 1926. At the turn of the 20th Century Van Rensburg had also predicted the use of electricity, the massacre of six million Jews, the Chernobyl disaster, the rise and fall of Russia, and the European Union – in the last two instances accurately describing the flags before they were designed. Of the third world war, he predicted that England would left weakened, while Germany would rise to become the world’s most powerful nation. Further such predictions by the famous American seer Edgar Cacey are available in the book Predictions for the 21st Century. Motorbike games ¦
What the experts say Nostradamus predicted about the WTC attack
“In the year of the new century and nine months, from the sky will come a great king of terror. The sky will burn at 45 degrees… fire approaches the great new city… there will be thunder… The third big war will begin when the city is burning.”
So it is quoted among rumor mongers. The facts are:
Nostradamus appears not to have made predictions about the World Trade Center attack or, at least, none that could easily be understood from the quatrains. He did not mention “the new century,” or “nine months” and New York is not at 45 degrees; the Manhattan latitude is 40° 47' N. For more, see Skeptic’s Dictionary Motorbike games ¦
What then?
Of course, not only have the “experts” on the prophets not always been correct – the seers themselves have not always been quite so accurate in their forecasts. In fact, many predictions have missed the mark.
Time will tell if the Kosovo conflict or, indeed, the World Trade Center attack had put the spark to a bigger barrel. As for the end of the world… Nostradamus predicted it to be the year 3786 or 3797, depending on which Nostradamus expert you believe. Motorbike games ¦
Cryptic numerology:
After the WTC attack on 11 September 2001, Uri Geller asked everyone to pray for 11 seconds for those in need. Why?
The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11 by American Airlines;
Flight 11 had 92 on board: 9 + 2 = 11;
Flight 77 had 65 on board: 6 + 5 = 11;
New York City – 11 Letters;
State of New York – 11th State added to the Union;
See Law of Truly Large Numbers
“To predict is difficult; especially about the future” – Chinese proverb
End of the World predictions
Lost nuclear bombs. Motorbike games


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Те, що нас формує, до цього не можна доторкнутися, воно за межами розуміння.
Ми віддаємося любові тому, що вона дарує нам хоч якесь відчуття того, що неможливо осягнути, і здається, що ніщо не має значення, але тільки не в кінці.

Що таке любов - велике щастя або велика трагедія? Чи можна її пояснити?
Чому одні проносять її через все життя, а інші взагалі не знаходять чи втрачають дуже швидко?
Чи можливо взагалі любити все життя або краще не випробовувати цього почуття?


Новий Львівський форум Відпочинок за кавою у Львові.
Спілкування тільки українською.Багато тем для розгляду.
Цікаві співрозмовники.


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