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December 14, 2003



I woke up to this wonderful news. I'm so proud of our intel types, the Sneaky Petes and the 4th ID.
My prayers are that you medic types will have less to do. Much less.
I'm proud of you, too.


Thanks for posting those. The emotion they display is almost overwhelming. They aren't simply pleased, this isn't a mere, "Oh, Saddam has been caught. How nice." Their joy is so intense that they are literally gushing with it. Incredible. Wonderful.


Just wondering why you didn't join the peace corps instead? They get lots of work done around the world and don't have to carry guns.


the peace corps sometimes does have to carry weapons. a young woman i know is a case in point. she was savagely beaten and raped through a 24 hour period. she was a peace corps member in ruwanda and she wasn't the only one. she should have had a weapon and there should have been people there who could have protected her. no one ever mentioned these attacks on the news.

but someone should have reported it in the news -- because it is cruel to send untrained, unprotected citizens into harm's way without some kind of protection.

sometimes the world really needs soldiers more than it needs the peace corps. and the peace corps should NOT be sent anywhere there is the kind of risk which was clearly present in ruwanda.

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