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November 18, 2003



Big ups to you and A Company and everyone who wears the uniform of our country for all your hardwork and dedication over there. Come home safe.

Andrew D.

Without bitterness, come on...try asking a Native American (if there are any left), a slave ancestor, ancestors of chinese rail labor, etc about bitterness. It is precisly that narrow mindedness and lack of peripheral vision that has impeded the real birth of the potential great nation.


Native Americans? There are a lot "left". Quite a few are volunteers, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not blind to the past, they know you won't get anywhere by wallowing in it, either.

Both my wife's grandfather's came over from China to work on the railroads in the West. Their children were doctors, dentists, pharmacists, auto mechanics...and their children everything from doctors to ministers to stockbrokers to teachers to engineers. All knowing the family histories. None of them obsessing on what used to be.

When I was a child, our family physician and his wife spent years at Manzanar, a friend's parents at Tule Lake; he enlisted in the Navy in the mid-60s, retired a couple years back as a Commander, serving last as a Hornet squadron's maintainance officer.

You can marinate in bitterness, sure. Or, you can actually do something to change the way things were to what they are, and to what they may be in the future.


Thanks so much for the Whitman quotes. I recall reading his Civil War diaries. Really moving. This passage unfortunately has not lost its relevance. At least as concerns the French. The British stand with us today, I believe. I hope the Trafalgar Square scene is an aberration.



Jeffrey, Thank you for the comments. From all accounts I've read, both from the "left" and "right" media, the Trafalgar rally was smaller than hoped for (70,000) and less confrontational than feared. Even The Guardian reported that the latest polls show the majority of Brits favorable to the war effort.

And for perspective, please keep in mind that the anti-fox hunting rally held at Trafalgar not so long ago, had 400,000 people turn out.

We must stay the course and win this war.


I would love to read a post about the (new) French-made rockets or Saddam's (older) German-made bunkers. Sometimes I get the impression that France and Germany is not just frowning from the sidelines and wishing for our defeat, but actually working hard to make it happen. That sounds much more like an enemy than a friend, to me.

Paul Stinchfield

The permalink at Instapundit is


Paul, thanks for the update. I've fixed the link.

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