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November 26, 2003



Major Pain, You can't fatten up that turkey with MRE's so hope you have a way to get turkey food... if so... by Christmas that turkey will be nice and fat... ready for the Thanksgiving,Winnie


Wasn't that a MASH episode?

Seriously though, Happy Thanksgiving - you are in my thoughts and prayers today and always. I'm thankful beyond words for your contribution to a peaceful and prosperous future for so many lands and peoples! Hope you're enjoying that peaceful prosperity soon. Take care.

Jamey Young

I want to wish my husband SFC Alfred L. Young in Bear North Iraq a Happy Thanksgiving and to all the other soldiers in Iraq as well.


LOL.. that was funny - well we don`t have Thanksgiving over here in Europe - but now I sure have an idea of it... Happy Thanksgiving


Well, I hope the Colonel leading the chase was a Bird Colonel...

Happy Thanksdgiving, and stay safe out there.

janet in venice beach

major, the more i read your postings, the more I am convinced that army field hospitals must have a tradition exactly in the mold of M.A.S.H.
this proves it beyond all doubt.
BTW-i found an item at INTEL DUMP, posted from DEFENSELINK, about a lifesaving invention they rigged over at the 28th CSH which you guys might want to repeat at the 21st: when you get patients with blood loss resulting in dropped body temperature, forget the heat lamps and blankets and use what Irby invented: cover them with a cardboard box big as a coffin, cover it in sheet plastic for air retention [gift wrap style] and stick a handheld blowdrier in a hole cut in the top center, set to blow on high heat. the 28th has saved upwards of 20 lives using this device. they call it the 'Cheif Cuddler". it'll bring body temperature up to 98.6 faster than anything else you have on hand, stop internal bleeding by promoting clotting at normal body temp, is dry for coagulation and granulation, and I bet you have the parts on hand. personally, I would use as many blowdriers as you can press into service, not just one. you just put it over the patient, wholesale, on their bed, like a chafing dish cover, and let them warm up, in spite of their blood loss. It works great. the temp in the box should get to about 105°F-like a nice high fever. also kills infection at that temp.

janet in venice beach

about the turkey episode:
isn't this proof that you CAN fly with eagles, and still work beside turkeys?
when he complains about the gobbling, just remind your CO "don't let the turkeys get ya down"...

janet in venice beach

sorry for an error--Irby was profiled in 'defendamerica' for his invention of the "chief cuddler' to warm up blood-loss casualties.



I read today that Thursday is the last day that gifts can be shipped to the troops from the states, and that they can only be shipped to individuals. Can you put us in touch with some folks to whom we can express our appreciation by shipping some practical gifts?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Kira cluff

I'm the opinion editor at the Daily Universe. I'm working on a page of letters from the soldiers in the Middle East. If you wouldn't mind, we'd love to have you write something for The Daily Universe. It could be anything from something you've already published on your weblog or it could be something that you intend for students who would like to know what it's like on the front lines during the holidays...

If you could write back by Wed MST I'd really appreciate it.

Kira Cluff
Opinion Editor
The Daily Universe
Brigham Young University
Provo Utah 84602

Phil H

Hey, I know that turkey...the soldier not the fouled fowl...Randy's a pretty good softball player in addition to his prowess as a hunter. Ask him to demonstrate his turkey calls...Always good entertainment...

Best of luck Major Pain...I briefly worked with you back at Darnall...
My thoughts are with you and the the soldiers I served with in the 21st...

Dr. Phil H.
The Original Comabt Gynecologist

Richard Stanaro

Dear Maj:
Just discovered a website called Operation Gratitude. Sounds great, but then found your website as well. My family and I will write letters, and send care packages.

I am sure you receive these thoughts all the time, but could you pass on to the troops that the Stanaro family is profoundly proud of them and grateful beyond words for their sacrifice?

We can't imagine how tough it is there and we hold our heads up high (here in Europe!) when we think of all of you- the professionalism, the goodness of all of your brave guys out there. I'm 44, child of the Sixties. I've three young kids and I hope I can raise them all to give their life to a bigger cause than themselves as all of you are doing.

I hope that you all don't take for an instant, seriously, all of the garbage spouting out of Democrats like Hillary, Dean et al. They don't represent your country or our feelings. Nor should listen to or give a second thought to the noise out fo the French, Belgians, Germans, or any of these ungrateful Europeans. Focus on the Poles, the Italians, the Australians, Romanians, British- all of our true friends.

God Bless and keep all of you. We are constantly thinking of you and praying for you. You are doing very important jobs there- more than so many people may realise.

Richard Stanaro


i just wanted to tell the soliders and there family thank you and god bless you all!

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