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November 10, 2003



Is there any way to support the volunteering members from adjacent units not assigned to the 21st CSH? My interest is in someone from 10th CSH, Fort Carson who volunteered to stay in Iraq with the 21st CSH, A Co. through a one year rotation. Is there no t-shirt or unit photo that will show my soldier-boy? James Mendieta, 91W. 10th CSH, B Co assigned to 21st CSH, A Co. Please let me know if there is some way to support him from this side of the line. Thank you.

Anneli Myrick
CMR 480 Box 1742
APO AE 09128-1742

Maj Pain

Anneli - Spc Mendieta happens to be working tonight so I called him over to read your note! - I m afraid I dont know if there is a 10th CSH FRG page - most of the 10th CSH is home except a few "holdovers". We are all going home early Feb - we hope so we are doing good here!!

Thanks for your comment

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