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November 17, 2003


Sgt Hook

I've been a Chinook crewmember most of my career with just shy of 1600 flight hours. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the crew, I know well the bond that forms between crewmembers and can only imagine their anxieties at not knowing how one was doing.


Navy Corpsman serving with the Marines getting ready to go to relieve the 82nd in Feb/March. Your updates are great and allow me to share with my wife what it is going to be like. If anyone has any advice/ or wish list items/ or web links I should take please send them to [email protected]
Thanks and keep up the good work!


I just got the call a few days ago. It looks like my Guard unit is heading your way for a year on the ground. We are a UH-60 unit from the La. National Guard. I would love to pick your brain if you have the time.
I don't want to give you false hope but we are coming with a large task force in March.
Hang in there.

The Commissar

Dou know the 565th Ground Ambulance Unit (part of the 115th Field Hosp.)? My son's youth group just sent them a T'Day package.

Great blog. I've added it to my blogroll.

Maj Pain

Thanks for the comments everyone - I try to read them when I can!!!

Bill, thanks for the offer - can you bring me a flushing toilet...

Bryan, Please send your questions to Bear, th owner of this blog (my brother) - He'll pass them on, and I'll Answer anything I can - big thing is to use your misquito repellent, and dont try to pet the jackels.

Sorry, Commissar, I dont know the group - they must be down in the souther part - Im Sure they appriciate the packages tho!!!

janet in venice beach

hey major--next time a cat finds its way inside, give thanks to Allah and show it to the mice and let it do its god-given job. pretty soon the mice will be gone, and the cat will probably become tame enough to make friends with. put out clean water for it to drink from, but don't offer it your MRE's until the mice have disappeared.
tell the well meaning trapper that the cat would never have clawed him if he'd left well enough alone--and therefore, no rabies questions. in fact, you could have well put medicine in the cat's drinking water dish, and cured it of any diseases it was battling, without a fight at all.
better a cat than a snake,,, in terms of hunters of mice and natural extermination.
if there's a next time, let cooler, more faithful heads prevail. kill the hysteria and let the cat do its job. give it a military specialist title and rank, so when people ask 'what's that cat doing here?' you can tell them 'that, sir, is corporal mousecatcher, our rodent infiltration specialist. 'corporal', because dealing with bodies and body counts is his area of expertise. specialist, because it's all he does, sir. he's taken out [fill in the count here] infiltrating guerilla enemy iraqi agents, carrying unknown biological weapons, since arriving for duty, and will not be reassigned until his mission is accomplished. he's the best there is, sir. he requires no equipment issuance, can sleep anywhere, is self cleaning and self maintaining, and clearly battle hardened to our conditions, sir. definitely a warrior. and his aim is deadly. he practices with his weapons and his PT, daily.
[what color and markings was the cat? if he had stripes, you can tell the officer 'he's earned his stripes the hard way, sir. he was born to the life from a long line of career warriors'].

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