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November 11, 2003



Hmmmm. There are now two peoples living in the Iraqi desert. Guess which group lives in large luxurious tents.

Maj Pain

Certainly not mine.

H. Ray Price

Great job on Gray...I never worried about not making it through 3 tours in Viet Nam.... Why?...Because of people like you...Keep up the good work and stay safe..

H. Ray Price (CW3(Ret)


Merry Christmas, y'all.

Can you folks use any music cd's and tapes? I have classical, rock, country, doo wop, big band, jazz (mostly 1920s-40s).

Do you want any NEW music? Sting's latest? Johnny Cash's and Warren Zevon's last?

How about batteries and a few portable CD players?

Anything you think of that you want, that I am able to send, just name it, and tell me where to send it.

Yours in spirit (knowing full well that talk is cheap)


Corey Johnson

Im in the 10th CSh and reading your page make me regret not having volunteered when they asked "would anyone like to volunteer" to go up north I thought hell no I want to go across the pond. Know I reflect on it and regret it everyday. to my fellow 10th cSH soldier still with the 21st Have a Happy and SAFE New Year!

Soldier Medic,


I've been looking for someone that's there, but haven't seen a single picture of James. Is it possible that you could get all your medics in for a picture? I'd love to see him there. In my daily thoughts...



Thank ChromeDome for getting me to this site.
Might put two things on here:
What would you need or like that we can ship?

What is an address to get it there?

Dave SanDiego

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