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October 21, 2003



Wow. What an incredible story...and as a member of the Air National Guard myself, I can say that it doesn't matter what colour your uniform, we're all in this together.


Kudos to everyone who helped to keep Specialist Gray alive through his ordeal and brought him home to his loved ones. I pray he'll make a full recovery.

Those of us on the homefront can help to ease the way of those who are seriously injured fighting on our behalf throughout the world. The Fisher House Foundation maintains 30 homes in the US and one in Landstuhl, Germany to provide good, cost-free accomodations to family members of our military service men and women while they're undergoing medical treatment at US military hospitals. They're like Ronald McDonald Houses for the troops.

Anyone wishing to support the Fisher House Foundation can find further information here:


I'm on my feet giving them a standing ovation!! God bless them one and all - y'all fought one helluva battle!!
What medals do you get when you save a soldier's life? I believe some commendations are in order.
SPC Gray you fought the hardest battle of all. Now be a good patient and have patience enough to heal yourself thoroughly. One day at a time. "These boots were made for walkin'..."


Wow! Congratulations on a job well done.



What a wonderful story! God bless all of you and all the soldiers in Iraq.


We live in Germany and we support you wholeheartedly. Thank you for doing this. We are with you all the time.


May God continue to bless you for a job well done. Keep safe.

Nina Hoover

This is an amazing article. I had no idea..May God bless and protect our soldiers. We are so blessed to have them.


Great story


The real story that the liberal chumps don't want us to hear.

--Bill Kamp

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