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October 05, 2003



Not bad at all. Interesting, human, funny.

Keep safe.

williams family

Hi Maj. Pain,

What a hoot! Love the blog. You don't have to be in Baghdad for bugs and stupidity. I work in a newborn nursery, Level II, and ever since a visit from lovely ISABEL (the hospital leaked like a sieve), we've had bugs in the nursery. Now, knowing my sense of humor, I taped each and every carcass we terminated to a piece of paper, with date and time of termination. You would think that would be enough. Wrong! The higher ups said we need more "evidence". Geesh. They could just check the light covers. There are lots of DOA's up there. Of course, I guess if a newborn develops West Nile virus, that might be evidence enough.

Take care. Crunch a few for me.

Williams family


Try cheap red wine for the mice (little trick that worked on the Rock). A little red wine in a dish, the little suckers get drunk and can be easily removed. Mouse hangovers abound. It doesn't work all the time either, but... Also works for cockroaches.

If you can't get red wine, make torpedo juice. Maraschino cherries and alcohol. Wood alcohol results in blind mice. Easier to catch, they hang out in 3s.

You *DO* stand the risk of creating alcoholic mice, but then... looks like the replacement for NADSAP will get some exercise anyway... I suspect the mice may enjoy the classes, and it will keep them from procreating and also keep them out of trouble. At least that was the original concept of alcohol abuse related programs, right?

Stay sane.


hi, thanks for you efforts and fortitude in serving our country. is it possible you could elaborate (via email) regarding the problems with the toilets? i work in an army office which supplies and supports these systems. would definitely like to help you get things "back to normal" if at all possible.

SF Wife

Thank you Maj for doing your part with such a good sense of humor. My mother-in-law was an Army nurse (recently retired after making 05). You sound just like her. Currently, we are stationed at an APO and if you need anything, (hand sanitizer, wet wipes, lysol (!), diet coke), email me your APO and I will be glad to send it since we can mail for free via MPS. Although my hubby is deployed in a 3rd world crudhole elsewhere, I would want him to have a medical staff that was taken care of if he needed one. (I think I send more stuff to his team medic than to him!! Hey, I want to keep him motivated to save my husband's life, right?) Thank you and all your team for your selfless service. We appreciate you!

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