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September 19, 2003



Re: 8/10, treating Iraqi EPW.
This is the first report I've seen reported regarding the care of the enemy (I assume that's what EPW stands for). Are they all Iraqi? Any Saudi, Syrian, etc.? I guess it makes sense that we would care for all wounded, including the enemy; it's just that I've never seen that mentioned in the main stream press.

Maj Pain

Most of our EPW (enemy prisioners of war) are Iraqi, with an occational Iranian. And yes we care for our EPWs as well as the American soldiers - medical is provided according to ther tennants of the Geneva Convention. AND the Army has always cared for all patients according to how bad they are hurt - not nationality. Of course this does disturb some of our own. Esp when we have the victom of an enemy attack on one ward, and the wounded perp on the EPW ward. But we deal.

Army Wife

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing a glimpse of the awesome 21st CSH - my hubby is there w/ you all too. I found this article by doing an internet search. We are very proud of you all!!!! "Fear Not"!

Georgene Bender

Found your site while surfing about Balad where my son is with FL Guard - A CO 2-124.
He was injuried 7/15 during a day mortar attack. He still has the scrapnel in his leg,but doing ok.

Was neat to read your journal of events. Kinda connects me with where my son is.

Keep up the fine work - you all are amazing. I don't think I would have the courage to do what you are doing. We're supporting your work 100% back home - hang in there!
God Bless

wes jackson

RE: the airport actions of the civilians
standing aside so that our military could fly
asap.........We the people would be standing in a line around the block to carry your water,
it would be a privilage to help you all in any way possible. (I would butt in ahead of my spot in line in a heartbeat!)
Our great and leftist press are trying very hard to make our President look bad, they are too stupid to realize they are helping the enemy with their daily ranting, (I know this is giving them a huge pass, I think they know and don't care!)
You are all doing a great thing, and we are right behind you! That little puff of wind you feel is our breath as we look over your sholder!
God Bless!


Your letters are wonderful. Your writing is fantastic. Thank you so much for this vivid information. God Bless You and Keep You SAFE!!


It's wonderful to hear all the good work that's going on in Iraq. All the news we've been getting is so seemingly slanted against you. I've even heard folks complaining that "America is a giant bully pushing nations around and installing puppet governments to do our bidding." Glad to know from a soldier on the ground this is NOT the case, and we've got the moral high ground here.

God Bless, and take care.

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