Mike Crane, AKA Bear, in Chicago, has a sister, in Iraq, who emails him letters.
Her name is Major Pain (not really, but well earned none the less).
Bear shares the Major's letters with you.

Major Pain is a nurse. She wears army boots.
She is near Baghdad at an Army hospital.
She has a rather, um, 'unique' sense of humor.
She is a terrible speller.
And we love her.


P.S. from Major Pain:
Someone asked how I became a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) - The army uses lots of CNMs, and, after being an OB/GYN Nurse for 14 years for the army, I applied and was selected for a Long Term Civilian Health Care Training Scholarship. Basically, the army sent me through a 2 year Masters of Science program, while continuing full pay and benefits. Your tax dollars at work. Thank you all.